Questions for version 3.0 3D


I have some questions about the cocos 3D v3:

  1. Will the nodes work in world space like unity or it will sta as local space like now?

  2. Will the animation timeline supports embedded class properties? If so, how?

  3. In version 1.2.x, it looks like you removed the “cc.” namespace. Why? It was nice :frowning:

  4. Is there a way to optimize the images size from within the engine? If so, how?

  5. Any release date? Beta? Alpha?

  6. Snaping support?

We are releasing a public beta this week. Very likely on 10/15.

I’ll ask engineering to review your questions!

hi, Thanks for the interests in our 3d version

  1. We are providing both local space and world space APIs, but the data is still separated in local position, rotation, scale and world matrix
  2. We have supported material embedded properties, but it’s not a public feature yet, we will consider how to permit users to do so in their own data.
  3. We are promoting the whole VSCode workflow, including auto code completion, it will be much easier to directly use classes and modules instead of using cc in front of everything. More importantly, we are strictly using TS module export to form the cc global module, so yes, there will still be a cc, but not assigned one, it’s a exported cc. People shouldn’t feel different except some classes when using cc.
  4. I don’t understand, if you mean minimize the file size, you can choose jpg quality in compressed texture panel, we will export in that quality, but we haven’t integrate any png quality squeeze tool.
  5. There will soon be a tech preview version this week. The beta which have 2D and 3D merged in planned at the end of the year.
  6. Snaping ?
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Thanks you for your answere.
It means a lot.

  1. Snaping is a way to attach 3d objects to the world grid or one to each other. In unity or unreal you are doing so by holding down Ctrl. You can even change the snapping distance.

Oh, I see, there is no snapping support currently, our designer will look into it

Just jumping in the conversation to ask something :grimacing:

Will we be able to Drag and Drop prefabs in editor based on the type of the element on the root of the prefab, instead of just a “prefab” type? @pandamicro

Also jump in, here.

Normal-Maps. They dont work proper since CC <= v2.43 (Worked somehow in v2.1 i think. But in further updates, because of changes to the engine i guess, it didnt). Will this be finally fixed in CC 3.0 ? @pandamicro

Interesting idea, we don’t support that currently, but will give feedbacks about your idea to our product designer

Don’t worry, it works now with the tech preview, please take a look

Okay. Thx for the Respond. Good to hear “normal maps” works again in CC 3.0.